Memory care in Hemet, CA - serving the Inland Empire

by Yorkshire Village

Memory care is perhaps the least understood aspect of senior care. It’s a delicate matter because it often coincides with some loss of independence, and as with so many issues related to the mind, there is much that researchers have to learn about how to address memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, and alzheimer’s. Now, amazing advances in memory care are taking place, from our understanding of the biochemical and physiological causes of memory loss, to the development of therapies that seek to minimize the effects of memory loss.


As a memory care community, this obviously affects us greatly, and we spend a great deal of time and effort examining how we can implement these therapies in our own work.

Memory care in Hemet, CA - serving the Inland Empire


Memory care is a family decision. Families approach us when they are at some stage in this decision. The initial stages involve an older family member being noticeably affected by memory loss, causing their surrounding family to explore the idea of memory care. A learning phase follows this in which the family becomes educated as to what kinds of memory care exists, and what makes the most sense for their particular circumstances. The last step is to begin the search for care options that fit the family’s needs. In many cases, the care option is a dedicated memory community like Yorkshire Village.

Yorkshire Village

Memory care in Hemet, CA - serving the Inland Empire

We understand the journey around choosing memory care for your family. Whether you’ve seen new changes in behavior in a loved one, or your family has observed symptoms for quite some time that have suddenly amplified, you want to make an informed decision. This is why we are here.

We are memory care for seniors. We work to pursue the best outcomes for your loved one. We believe in what we do passionately, and for so many families we have been the ideal resource for them in their decision.

Memory care is what we do, it is our passion and our life’s work. Our purpose is to provide industry-best memory care therapies while providing a beautiful and rich retirement experience for our residents.

If you’re finding that a loved one may be in need of memory care, either soon, or perhaps sometime down the road, and your family is working to plan ahead and ensure the best possible outcome when the time is right, we would love to set up a tour of our community and property, or if you’re out of the area we can provide a free phone consultation and brochure. Tell us how we may help.

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