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Becoming a Yorkshire Village resident brings with it a whole new level of respect, dignity and unconditional love. You won’t hear these words much in the Assisted Living World. We’re here to change that.

Our residents aren’t just patients, customers, or names on a chart. They are part of the Yorkshire Village extended family. When we say family matters, that means we go above and beyond high-tech solutions and corporate playbooks. We try and succeed in providing happiness.

We start by treating our staff like family. We listen to their concerns, we respect their needs, and we always put people before profits.

Why? Because when we show our people, we care about them, they extend that circle of care to your loved ones. By looking out for one another, we build a community that cares. For all of us, including your family. That’s what being The Community that Cares is all about.

A community that caters to individuals and individual needs

Our staff is extremely well-trained and highly-experienced, ensuring that they can properly care for your loved one. Our associates also continue their education throughout the year, and they participate in ongoing in-service training and seminars.

Our Caring and Helpful Staff

Our exceptional staff is always willing to go above and beyond for residents. For our associates, this opportunity to serve others is more than a job — it’s a passion. Everyone working at Yorkshire Village is very involved in the day-to-day lives of our residents, helping create an enriching and caring experience for them.

The Yorkshire Village Story

The passion and dedication you notice right away at Yorkshire Village are rooted all the way in Yorkshire, England. Kathy Taylor hails from Yorkshire, England where she was an admired geriatric care specialist. She and her husband, Colin Taylor, came to California in the 1970’s.

At first, Kathy was excited to work in advanced geriatric care in the USA. But she became frustrated in her same profession upon arriving in the USA. Kathy felt the quality of eldercare provided in the USA was too impersonal and was always looking out for the almighty corporate bottom line instead of looking out for the person needing care.

After a lot of thought and hard work, She and her husband Colin opened up a very individualized and affordable six bed Assisted Living where Kathy knew she could give residents the respect and help they deserved. When residents’ families saw how much happier and better their loved ones fared at Kathy and Colin’s Assisted Living, it was a no-brainer to expand so more people could benefit from the kind of care Kathy and her staff were determined to provide.

The level of care and dedication The Taylors instituted with the creation of Yorkshire Village remains more than alive and well in Hemet, California. The mission continues with a new generation of care and caregivers dedicated to continue and build on The Taylors original vision.

The Yorkshire Philosophy

  • Independence – a strong commitment to upholding the residents wants and desires
  • Uniqueness – appreciating the differences in our residents beliefs, nationality and philosophies
  • Humor – a smile induced is the best medication
  • Freedom – exploring the world and each resident’s thoughts and opinions of our world
  • Feedback – we always solicit opinions
  • Family and friends – are part of the circle of care for residents

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