Alzheimer’s Care: One piece of advice that we give to families

by Yorkshire Village

Our memory care home in Hemet, CA is a community that families can turn to when they’re exploring assisted living and memory care support for a loved one. One piece of advice that we give to families, and encourage them to do, is to meet as a family and together work out what the best possible outcome is for their loved one with memory loss. While this may strike people as a pragmatic first step, it often does not take place. This happens because, while family members do tend to notice when a loved one seems to be more forgetful than usual, eventually to the point that their quality of life is declining, the transition to memory care is not planned - and is often triggered by an unexpected life event or surprising, sudden loss of memory (meaning that the loved goes from mild memory loss to substantial memory loss suddenly and without others noticing). 

Alzheimer’s Care: One piece of advice that we give to families

Why is this important?

Well, every family is set up differently. Some families may have 5 or more adult siblings, all of whom want to be involved with and contribute to one of their parent’s important transitions into assisted living and memory care. Now, if the siblings are dispersed across the country (for example) then obviously this is a family meeting that needs to be organized and planned. If this is done well ahead of their parent’s expected date to move into assisted living, then there is a comfortable amount of time for everyone to work out logistics, tour and interview communities, and make a decision together as a group. This also leads to a better long term outcome for the older adult because the community is chosen based on needs and fit.

Keeping in mind that an older adult who is experiencing mild cognitive impairment, or more advanced instances of Alzheimer’s will be contending with a combination of anxiety, stress, and sometimes fear and worry. To introduce unnecessary challenges such as rushed family decisions, lack of availability in the top choices for memory care, or concerns about sourcing funding for memory care, create an unnecessary stress on the individual and the family.

Yorkshire Village

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We understand your family’s situation. Everyone is seeking the happiest, healthiest, and safest personal outcome for their loved one with memory loss. While many people have a casual understanding of memory loss, it’s common to find yourself rushing to understand your options and fretting about finding the best community that works for your family. We are here to help, and you do not have to make this decision alone. Memory care is what we do, it is our passion and our life’s work. Our purpose is to provide industry-best memory care therapies while providing a beautiful and rich retirement experience for our residents.

If you’re finding that a loved one may be in need of memory care, either soon, or perhaps sometime down the road, and your family is working to plan ahead and ensure the best possible outcome when the time is right, we would love to set up a tour of our community and property, or if you’re out of the area we can provide a free phone consultation and brochure. Tell us how we may help.

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