Getting informed about memory care when a loved one has memory loss

by Yorkshire Village

We are a memory care community in Hemet, CA, and we’re one of the premier resources for high-level memory care services throughout the Inland Empire of California. Our residents and their families come to us when they have a loved one with some form of memory loss, from mild cognitive impairment issues to later stage Alzheimer’s.

Most families who are seeking memory care for a loved one have observed some change in them for some time. This can be seen as occasional forgetfulness for mild cases, or more concerning and surprising lack of memory in other cases. Occasional forgetfulness can just be simple instances of something escaping the mind, like forgetting an appointment. For more intense memory loss, family members may be surprised when their loved one can not recall highly important personal details, like the names of close relatives or very important dates in their life history.

How this is related to getting informed about memory care is that families generally know that it is coming, but often times there is a tipping point which forces the need for immediate memory care services. Although families know that it is coming, often the family is still caught off guard and find themselves attempting to get informed quickly about who provides memory care, where it’s offered, what it involves, and how much it costs. 

Our unique location and beautiful memory care property on several acres creates a quiet, peaceful, safe, and charming atmosphere that is truly one of a kind.

Who is right for memory care?

Memory care can be the right lifestyle and personal care choice for older adults whose lives are negatively and noticeably impacted, affected, and diminished as a result of cognitive impairment. Because each individual’s personal wellness, level of independence, and access to assistance from family is highly organic and individualized, knowing if and when memory care is an appropriate lifestyle decision is a personal decision best made by the individual, their family, and with consultation and advice from a family doctor, often a neurologist, and other well qualified people with knowledge of the situation.

As a result, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact set of circumstances or triggers which necessitates the need for the services of a memory care community. That said, a sensible rule of thumb is that if as a result of memory loss symptoms a person’s quality of life has diminished, their health is diminishing because they can not care for themselves, or their personal safety is in question, then memory care should be explored as a happy, healthy, safe lifestyle option.

Yorkshire Village

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Our residents, their families, and our entire team loves our community at Yorkshire Village. Our unique location and beautiful property on several acres creates a quiet, peaceful, safe, and charming atmosphere that is truly one of a kind. This gives our residents a special place that is soothing and creates an ideal environment for memory care therapies.

If you’re finding that a loved one may be in need of memory care, and you’re exploring your options, either for an immediate move, or planning a future long term care option, we would love to introduce ourselves. If you’re near Hemet or the Inland Empire, we can provide a tour of our community and property, or if you’re out of the area we can provide a free phone consultation and brochure.

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