Memory Care: Using art therapy

by Yorkshire Village

The brain is the least understood component of the human body, and widely considered the most complex biological structure in existence. Memory loss and mild cognitive impairment are a common symptom of aging. The causes of memory loss range from poor health and substance abuse to cellular deterioration of the brain caused by Alzheimer’s.

There are therapies and activities that help to slow the effects of memory loss, and promote cognitive health that leads to older adults being more present, and operating at more optimal levels of cognition.

As a memory care community in Hemet, CA it is our mission to understand the nuance of memory loss, and to continuously identify activities and therapies which can soothe residents experiencing forms of memory loss, and when possible unlock lost memories, all working toward the goal of promoting cognitive health and overall personal wellness.

Memory Care: Using art therapy

The power of fine art in memory care

Art therapy can inspire the brain to go to new places. For older adults with memory loss who were involved in art in some way, there is a common phenomenon in which they can often still perform and create art in the same way they could prior to their memory issues. Musicians can still play their instruments, read music, and learn new pieces. Sculptors can still form creations, and recognize their pieces and recreate them, and painters can still work with the same techniques and produce works of the same quality. Some of this is credited to muscle memory, and it’s hoped that by stimulating the procedural memory system which appears to remain unaffected by some forms of cognitive impairment, that the memory system as a whole will be soothed, massaged, and perhaps healed.

Art therapy does not have to necessarily be the act of creating art like paintings. Attending museums and exhibits, and generally absorbing and examining fine art has therapeutic purpose as well - and is a well known and well loved activity for senior living programs like Yorkshire Village.

Art appreciation as a general pursuit of senior living

Beyond using art for memory therapy, exploring the appreciation of fine art is a wonderful activity for retirement in general. Retirement provides the opportunity and free time to explore various artists, artistic periods and movements, and develop a deep understanding and personal taste. This gives a person’s free time meaning, purpose, and goal oriented activities - all of which are core components of a healthy retirement lifestyle.

Yorkshire Village

Memory Care Community in Hemet, CA

We feel that Yorkshire Village is one of the most unique memory care communities in Southern California. Our property is large, beautiful, safe, and creates a peaceful environment for seniors to enjoy retirement and pursue soothing activities.

When we see new opportunities to engage our residents with therapies like fine art which can achieve personal wellness benefits, we work hard to implement these therapies in interesting ways. We want to make life fun, fulfilling, and rewarding, in addition to promoting cognitive health.

If you’re exploring memory care options in the inland empire, or greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas for a family member, you must get in touch with us and tour our beautiful property. We’ll be able to show what life at Yorkshire Village looks like, and walk you through how we work towards the personal wellness of your family. 

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