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Memory Care: How Close Family Connections Aid Seniors with Memory Loss

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The impact of memory loss on an aging senior can be staggering, but those around them can help ease some of the symptoms. At Yorkshire Village, our community of friends and caregivers play a significant role in the well-being and quality of life of a senior with memory loss, but close family connections are also an important aspect of memory care. Below, we explore a few of the ways that the love, support, and presence of family can aid seniors with memory loss.

Memory Care: How Close Family Connections Aid Seniors with Memory Loss

Family Promotes Brain Stimulation

Although memory conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s are usually degenerative, frequent mental stimulation can help slow the progression of memory loss. Paired with memory care from a professional caregiver, close family connections can help stave off many of the cognitive impacts of memory loss. Interactions with family encourage seniors to use their memory, create new memories, increase their vocabulary, and engage in critical thought, all of which can help promote long-term brain health.

Family Connects Seniors with their Past and Present

Memory loss conditions often impact long-term memory, resulting in a distance between seniors and their past. Connecting with loved ones over shared memories can help seniors regain the missing pieces of their memory, even if only for a moment. On the contrary, seniors experiencing short-term memory loss may be “stuck” in a certain part of their past. Seeing family members in their present state, such as their children as middle-aged adults, can help these seniors stay grounded in reality when their memory is guiding them toward the past.

Family Strengthens Identity

Identity is often interwoven with family, and nobody knows an aging senior quite as well as their closest loved ones. Those with memory loss may lose their sense of identity as their condition progresses, but interacting with loved ones who truly know them can provide gentle reminders of who they are. Although many seniors with memory loss won’t fully regain their identity, simply being around loved ones who they have established lifelong connections with can encourage a sense of belonging that is so vital to identity and overall human health. 

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When your loved one has a memory loss condition, seeking professional memory care is a key step in slowing the progression of memory loss and improving your loved one’s quality of life, but the role of family is equally important. At Yorkshire Village, we value our residents’ family as we would our own and recognize the importance of close family connections as a key component of memory care. 

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