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Audiobooks Improving Cognitive Function And Memory

by Yorkshire Village

Audiobooks are advanced gadgets that read books so anyone can listen and enjoy them. They can also be downloaded on personal devices like smartphones or tablets.  For seniors with declining vision or other conditions that can make reading troublesome, this can be a great alternative! The best book recordings for senior citizens have clear screens, straightforward guidelines, and clear speakers or headphones. It is well known that seniors can suffer from memory and cognition deficits as years progress. Audiobooks are one of the best methods, especially for the elderly populace, to stimulate  the mind and improve cognitive abilities. 

Furthermore, audiobooks are a great way of getting entertained as they help us immerse ourselves in stories no matter where we are at the specific moment. Besides entertainment, audiobooks are also good for the brain as they play a major role in improving comprehension, imagination, reading and listening abilities, and emotional development. Many researchers are of the view that audiobooks can help students and elders improve their reading and listening skills. It also helps them prepare to read in real-life situations. Audiobooks impact the learning abilities of persons with all age groups, and helps them train their minds to learn while assisting with accelerating the learning process. 

How Do Audiobooks Impact Memory


Cognition is the mental process of acquiring knowledge, comprehension, and understanding the thought process through learning, thinking, remembering, judging, and solving problems. The cognitive process may involve in:

  • Learning new things: Learning is a cognitive function that involves the acquiring of new information. Brain connections are developed to form new memories. Audiobooks are helpful in this regard as they target the learning and listening abilities of the person.
  • Forming memories: In the field of cognitive psychology, memory is a major target of interest. Our cognitive process decides how we remember new things. Audiobooks impact the cognition abilities of the person to form new memories.
  • Decision-making abilities: Making decisions involve the judgmental process to integrate the new information into existing ideas. 

Audiobooks are involved to impact cognitive abilities as they allow the person to focus on a specific stimulant in their surroundings to make them attentive. They help improve the ability to understand and express thoughts via speaking and writing. It improves the thought process and decision-making abilities of the person. 


Audiobooks impact mental abilities in many ways. Research studies have shown that mental stimulation slows down the progression of degenerative brain health conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia in senior residents. Audiobooks stimulate the thinking and memory skills of the brain which is important to keep the brain working as you age. Memory challenges also help delay the process of mental decline. While listening to audiobooks, a person gets completely immersed in the imagination and visualization of thoughts. Studies have suggested the meaningful imaginations of mind while listening to audiobooks as compared to mere reading. The hippocampus and frontal cortex of the brain take in a lot of information while listening to any audiobook of your choice! It helps to activate the targeted areas of the brain responsible for memory formation and the learning process. Memory improvement takes place by the formation of neuronal interconnections. Boosting brain activity is an important benefit of audiobooks.


Audiobooks help to sustain attention which keeps the focus on a single task for a longer period. Audiobooks help stimulate the auditory process in the brain that keeps the information that comes from your ear to those specific areas of the brain. This active listening process helps analyze the information and store it in our memory. Some of the documented benefits of audiobooks may include:

  • Help improve Comprehension
  • Improve the imagination
  • Spark a more emotional response than reading
  • Help reduce negative thoughts
  • Improve time management ability
  • Help build literacy skills
  • Build your Vocabulary
  • Help prevent age-related related cognitive deficit

Improve Cognitive Function by Audiobooks


The National Institute on Aging recommends that audiobooks are a great way of keeping your mind working and engaged. This is very helpful in age-related mental declining disorders such as Alzheimer's and dementia. Audiobooks help improve fluency and comprehension.  It is well known that seniors develop a memory decline and cognition deficit as they age. Audiobooks are excellent alternatives, especially for older adults to stimulate their mind and cognitive abilities. Audiobooks may be a great way to prevent mental decline as well as stimulate the learning and cognitive abilities of senior residents. 

Here at Yorkshire Village assisted living we implement a variety of methods to provide our residents with a specific plan of care aimed at maintaining their cognitive abilities, and slowing the progression of memory decline. We urge you to call us now at Yorkshire Village assisted living facility in Los Angeles to discuss what we have to offer, and make an appointment to visit our state of the art assisted living facility. We are confident we can help with your concerns when it comes to caring for you or a loved one.