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ASSISTED LIVING: Be informed. 

"At the end of the day, it's about relationships," Bartlett, 2021.

Decisions and Considerations for Assisted Living and Memory Care

As we, or our loved ones, grow older,  we must consider the benefits of assisted living facilities Hemet CA. While it may be a necessary consideration, we understand it's very difficult to remain positive while figuring out the best way to obtain the balance of independence and assistance. 

First of all, the good news is we're living longer! The average life expectancy in the U.S. has risen to 78.6 years in 2017, which is a 10 year increase since the 1950 average of 68 years. With increased longevity projections, it's important to be able to make the most of our Golden years. That's where assisted living and retirement communities are most beneficial. 

Assisted living facilities

Why are some opposed to Assisted Living?

As we age we may insist that we are "fine" and don't believe we need assistance with living. One of the perks of growing up is attaining independence. Losing our autonomy with age is one of the greatest fears seniors have. However, it's important for us to come to terms that as we age we often need assistance with activities of daily living. We require help with many tasks such as; going to the bathroom, getting groceries from the local market, bathing, laundry, and cooking, among others. 

We resist moving to a new environment after becoming so familiar, and comfortable, with the home we've been living in. People who have stayed in the same house for many years feel more comfortable there than anywhere else. This argument is famously known as 'the fear of the unknown.'  Assisted living facilities offer a safe environment, opportunities for socialization, delicious and healthy meals, transportation, and many other services that improve the quality of life for our seniors through socialization and relationship building. 

Most seniors don't fully understand what assisted living is. They feel that their family members wanting them to go indicates somehow they are approaching the end of their lives. That's really NOT the case. That's because of assisted living in Hemet CA, there is the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new activities. That, in turn, improves quality of life and increases longevity. 

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Another concern is affordability. Most assisted living homes charge a monthly rental which includes services and amenities that one would budget for in their own home. Various homes provide a price structure that helps to meet the changing needs of the residents. The cost, therefore, is more lenient in that one pays for what they need and not for everything. The same budgetary concerns must be taken into account regardless of where we reside.

Other arguments raised against assisted living homes are more dependent on individual facilities. Some seniors point out other concerns such as limited housing, poor living conditions, health risks, and hygiene. Other complaints raised include loss of freedom, a clinical environment, staff that's stretched or that has a high turnover, low privacy, boredom, and other potential negative associations. Visit us at Yorkshire Village so we can show you firsthand just how unwarranted these fears are. 

Reasons For Assisted Living

A majority of our seniors want to remain in their homes, but the reality is at least one in every five seniors above 85 years needs help with activities of daily living (ADLs). The question now becomes whether it is possible to get that kind of help and still maintain a certain level of independence. We are able to provide exactly that balance by tailoring a care plan that's focused on the individual client. 

In our assisted living facility, there's no room for boredom. Most seniors find themselves with a lot of free time after retirement. These are useful for new hobbies and activities that appeal to all walks of life. These might include movies, book clubs, poker tournaments, music and art classes, and others depending on personal choice. 

Intellectual stimulation is also more abundant here at Yorkshire Village.  Here people from different walks of life interact and hold conversations about their different life experiences, play brain games, and attend lectures. All these activities have been shown to slow cognitive decline. This environment provides a healthier lifestyle without any effort.   

Human beings are inherently different, even in old age, and assisted living cannot be a one size fits all kind of arrangement. That's why the best residences provide seniors with the help they need when they need it. The needs also change as they age, and the caregivers have to keep evaluating the sufficiency of their services. 

The Final Verdict

It is the reality of life that we age. The people we trust with the care of our loved ones need to be individuals who understand that to be of help to another human being is one of the noblest acts of humanity. As we consider assisted living, we need to make them understand that it's not about giving up their independence. The goal is to get our loved ones the right kind of help, which goes a long way in maintaining a higher quality of life. We need to research assisted living communities in our localities and we've made it easy.