Yorkshire Village, October 2020: Assisted Living and Memory Care in Hemet, CA

by Yorkshire Village

When a family has a loved one with a demonstrated memory problem, they begin a shared path towards finding the best solution for their loved one. Every family dynamic is different. Perhaps there is one adult child who is primarily responsible for the care of their parents, and therefore is ultimately the guiding force behind a process like seeking a memory care program. Larger families may have several adult children and other concerned relatives who work together as a group to make a decision.


When there is an important decision, combined with many choices and options, people experience choice overwhelm. How we work to help families decide is first to identify if memory care is right for their loved one at this time.

This comes from examining things like the following:


> Are there changes in behavior that aren’t explainable by other factors?


> Does the concerned individual become disoriented in ways that might put their safety at risk?


> Memory loss often occurs alongside declining physical health - this is a complex situation to examine, which also includes the individual’s physician and others associated with looking after their well being.


If it’s decided that a memory care program is needed, then we show you what memory care is like at Yorkshire Village:


> A large, visually beautiful, safe, secluded property


> Memory care therapies designed to stimulate cognitive function and the slow memory loss


> Highly attentive, empathetic care personalized to each individual


> A staff and team that loves what they do and is excited to have your family as part of the community


Yorkshire Village

Assisted living and memory care in Hemet, CA

We love our residents and staff, and we are committed to pursuing the best possible personal outcomes for every resident. We are a sanctuary of care, committed to the wellness of our residents at all times, and we’ve taken sharp measures to further protect our residents against COVID-19. During this time, we want to remind everyone that we understand your family’s situation.

Everyone is seeking the happiest, healthiest, and safest personal outcome for their loved one with memory loss. While many people have a casual understanding of memory loss, it’s common to find yourself rushing to understand your options and fretting about finding the best community that works for your family. We are here to help, and you do not have to make this decision alone. Memory care is what we do, it is our passion and our life’s work. Our purpose is to provide industry-best memory care therapies while providing a beautiful and rich retirement experience for our residents.


If you’re finding that a loved one may be in need of memory care, either soon, or perhaps sometime down the road, and your family is working to plan ahead and ensure the best possible outcome when the time is right, we would love to set up a tour of our community and property, or if you’re out of the area we can provide a free phone consultation and brochure. Tell us how we may help.


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