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Memory Care: The Importance of Savoring Every Moment

by Yorkshire Village

It is often said that age is the price of wisdom. This is often taken to mean that the knowledge we strive to gain throughout our lives comes at the cost of taking most of our time to acquire. The older one gets, the more we find ourselves looking back and asking where we could have done better or how we could have handled things differently. On the other hand, we may find ourselves frequently thinking about ‘the good old days’ and wishing we could go back in time.

Memory Care: The Importance of Savoring Every Moment


Looking back at the past is not a bad thing in itself. In fact, it is indicative of a mind that is honest and open to learning, and it’s often a key component of a person-centered memory care model. However, looking back too much can cause a senior to dwell, and a balance of reflection and living in the moment is key to a happy retirement. 


At Yorkshire Village, this philosophy is at the core of everything we do. Our memory care community places a strong emphasis on building new memories so seniors can live out a retirement that’s truly fulfilling. Below, we discuss the key components of a healthy mindset in retirement and the importance of savoring every moment.

Accepting Aging

Although it is true that reflection is an essential part of aging, the ultimate goal of reflection is acceptance. While we encourage our residents to look to the past to strengthen their memory and reinforce a sense of identity, we also emphasize that the past is the past and cannot be relived or modified. As seniors reflect on their past with this mindset, they are better able to recognize how quickly time goes by and use that knowledge to better appreciate the present. 


Revisiting a memory can bring great pleasure, especially for those with memory loss conditions, but the beauty of life will always lie most in the making of memories, not solely in reliving them. Seniors with a healthy state of mind come to understand and accept that the past is history and tomorrow is never guaranteed, but today is a wonderful gift. 

Appreciating the Little Things

Even in retirement, older adults can still view each day as a brand new adventure. They are able to find lasting happiness by simply enjoying each new day as it dawns, staying firmly grounded in each moment. They see beyond the common misconception that life comes to an end or an absolute standstill simply because they’ve entered retirement.


Above all, it is important for seniors to understand that their perception becomes their reality. The path to true happiness for older adults who don’t quite know how to transition from the hustle and bustle of work and family to the serenity of retirement comes when they open their heart to the simple beauty of the world around them and make the choice to be happy. 


Whether it is simply waking up early in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the day begin or spending an afternoon with friends and loved ones, it’s often the little things that matter most once life slows down in retirement, and all it takes is a new perspective to see it.

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