Board and Care Homes for Seniors

by Yorkshire Village

In modern society, the aging population is increasing at an alarming rate, especially in the United States and other developing economies. The number of people aged 65 years and above has increased over the past few decades. As individuals age, they need more care and attention from their family members as they become less independent. At the same time, their relatives have to continue doing their daily chores or duties without interference. In these cases, many have found solace in finding an affordable facility that can help alleviate the stress and take care of their loved one’s growing needs.

Making decisions for relatives, a partner, or even for yourself regarding long-term care can be a daunting process. With the different types of care available and terminologies defining them, it can be difficult for people to know which one is the best option for their loved one.

For seniors with able bodies and minds and who still enjoy an active lifestyle, an affordable Board and Care community can be a great option, compared to other levels of care such as assisted living or secure nursing home care.

Let’s first define what Board and Care is and then explore the benefits behind this type of care…

What is Board and Care?

Primarily, Board and Care is meant to accommodate individuals who require assistance, with a strong focus on personal care. Also referred to as rest centers, adult-care facilities, and individual care homes, Board and Care offers space, food, and help to senior residents, and to some extent, medical services are made available.

Board and Care communities allow seniors to enjoy the privacy and freedom of home living while offering the peace of mind of having the convenience and security of 24-hour on-call assistance in a virtually maintenance-free environment. It enables residents to replace the responsibilities of home maintenance with the comfort of retirement while taking advantage of affordable wellness opportunities in an engaging social setting.

The first step in finding the right retirement community for your loved one is to consider the environment and level of care they want and most importantly need. It is integral for older adults and their family members to understand that while Board and Care is generally considered a more affordable option; the services offered can vary in the level of care and amenities provided. For example, in some case, there are communities that provide both shared and private rooms. Some also deliver more quality and excellent healthcare than those that might resemble an apartment structure.

Therefore, before you make your decision it’s highly recommended to visit the facility you’re considering and ensure that it suits your loved one’s tastes, preferences and needs.

Board and Care vs. Assisted Living

The transition from living at home to an affordable Board and Care community can bring up a range of questions. For example, how to know if Board and Care or an assisted living facility would be the right choice for them? Or should you be looking for a community that offers both assisted living and Board and Care services?

While many assisted living communities offer Board and Care homes and there are strong similarities when it comes to the services available for senior residents, there are differences between these two; with each option offering different advantages that are important to consider before coming to your decision.

A large Assisted Living Community can be a great option for some. Assisted living offers residents the opportunity to engage with other seniors who share similar interests, local events and activities, as well as the care and attention they need to manage daily living requirements from a well-trained staff.

However, there are those that prefer a more private, conventional and home-like setting to retire and spend the next chapter of their lives. In these cases, an affordable Board and Care Community could be the ideal option.

Another option are assisted living facilities that offer a ‘larger’ community but give residents the choice of maintaining a more ‘private’ setting through affordable Board and Care homes located within the community.

Because of these differences, it is vital for older individuals and their families to keenly assess their needs and ensure that the facility they choose can care for them. In other words, they should identify the does and don’ts of the facility and ensure that the personnel can suit the needs of residents.

Tips for Choosing the Right Board and Care Home

Here are some additional things to consider and ask about to help you evaluate the level of care you can expect from the community you choose:

  • Try to talk with the staff as well as other residents and families who have experience with the facility.
  • Schedule a tour of the facility to find out firsthand what to expect.
  • Find out what a typical schedule or day is like within the home.
  • Ask about the staff to resident ratio to make sure the proper attention is being given.
  • In most states, Board and Care homes are required to be licensed. For example, in California, they must be have acquired a state license by the Community Care Licensing Division. In light of that, it’s important that you make sure that the community maintains the proper state licensing and certification. You also can ask to see the state’s most recent inspection report.
  • If cost is a concern, find out what type of financial support is available to make sure the home is affordable and within your budget.
  • Ask if transportation to medical appointments and activities are provided to residents.
  • Find out about any additional services and amenities that might be offered to residents and whether it might involve other homes.
  • Discuss any specific medical concerns you might have. For example, if they are prepared to care for residents with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and the facility is secure with the proper safety precautions in place.

The Benefits of Board and Care Services

Many find Board and Care to be the best option due to its affordability as well as their ability to offer a comfortable, private, and homelike setting in addition to 24-hour on-call assistance.

Board and Care communities also generally have fewer clients so residents can take advantage of a higher level of attention from the staff. The top facilities also offer residents high-end amenities such as great dining, laundry services, as well as recreational programs.

The days within a Board and Care home are often less structured; offering residents more freedom, compared to other types of care.

In many cases, Board and Care is considered to be a more affordable option than other types of care. In fact, in some places, initiatives have been introduced to help provide monetary support for Board and Care services. Additionally, many communities offer financial resources and solutions that help ensure your loved one receives the high-quality services they deserve at a price you can afford.

To sum up the above, below are some of the major benefits of moving to a Board and Care community or an assisted living facility that provides Board and Care services:

  • The privacy and freedom of home living.
  • Convenience and security of 24-hour on call assistance.
  • Freedom from everyday chores and home maintenance.
  • More affordable than other types of care.
  • A less structured and hands on daily schedule.
  • Delicious home-style meals and individually designed meal plans.
  • An engaging social environment with other residents.
  • Handicapped accessible showers and toilets.
  • High-end amenities like laundry services and recreational programs.

Affordable Board and Care at Yorkshire Village

At Yorkshire Village, we offer a home within our community that ensures Board and Care residents have the opportunity to enjoy the home style living they are accustomed to while being able to take advantage of everything Yorkshire Village has to offer.

We also understand that making a decision to move into a Board and Care home can be financially taxing and can help ensure your loved one is receiving the greatest quality care at an affordable price.

If you need additional assistance deciding if Board and Care is the right choice or have questions about what to expect for your loved one, the staff at Yorkshire Village is available and can help.

Contact us or schedule a tour to learn more about our “Village within the village” Board and Care community and find out firsthand about our affordable life-enhancing services.

Yorkshire is all about having all of the comforts of home with a warm and caring staff always on hand to help.